Fawnbrake Avenue

A light filled dining room and a new basement in Herne Hill

A house in Herne Hill, with a wedge shaped garden provided an opportunity to add a pavillion to the side of the house. This new dining space freed up the previously cramped kitchen which struggled to accommodate both kitchen and dining in one space. The new room forms a courtyard to the existing house, but maintains an openness through to the rear garden, with both side walls glazed. In the day the room is open and light filled; At night it becomes a more enclosed and intimate warmly lit space. The addition was carefully detailed with exposed timber joists and a concrete shelf cast into the end brick wall.

An existing semi basement was also excavated and converted into useable space, with planning gained on appeal for a window facing the street as well as to the side. The project added a total 55sqm of new space to the house.

I'd just say everything did he did was clever and perfectly thought through. We have a completely light-filled and warm kitchen, with sun pouring in at every angle except due south - so it never gets too hot. And the sightlines from one part of the house to another - whether down the hallway or across the courtyard from kitchen to sitting room - all work beautifully. All the little details he added are there for a reason and are also part of the overall style - the perfect marrying of form and function.

Harry and Becky